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The main hub of the home that gives it warmth and love is not only the people inside but how people feel in the home. If your air conditioning system is not working to the standard it should you might find that people are too hot and can’t sleep at night or to cold and miserable. Your main air conditioning and heating system controls all of this and should it be not working to the level it is designed to you might be noticing some of these problems.

Here at Air Conditioning Calabasas we have a well trained team of engineers who will tell you straight away from walking in a place if the system is not working the way it should. Our company offers fast repair and service solutions so you can get that place of work or home back to the level of comfort it should be at.

Not only do we provide piece of mind that the system will be fixed and serviced and good for the next few years. We also provide diagnoses of future problems you might encounter with the unit you have installed and how to avoid hefty and expensive break downs in the foreseen future.

If you are living this day to day scenario of a general off kilter temperature environment then we really suggest giving us a call so one of our engineers can come out and take a look at the system and tell you what’s up with it.

  • Fully trained staff members
  • Licensed engineers
  • Local teams who know the area
  • Polite and courteous crew members
  • Discount on big AC named brands
  • Price matching service
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Our Services
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioning cleaning
  • Duct cleaning
  • Leaks fixed
  • Heating systems repairs
  • Maintenance available
  • Duct work installed


“Saul the AC guy that came out to fix my system did a real great job, not only was he fast to fix it but really friendly”


“They promised to be at my place within 60 minutes and arrived in 45, I was very impressed considering I just made the call to them. They fixed my leaking air conditioning unit saving any damage to my building.”

Robert Whitby

“I was promised great service on the phone and that’s what I received, thanks for installing my new system it works a treat.”

Kylie Ellis

“The last time I had my air conditioning system serviced was years ago so it was long overdue, Air Conditioning Calabasas did a stand up job of making sure it was blowing clean air and not running at a loss.”

H. Tiddwell