One of our major factors in terms of dealing with residential air conditioning and heating services is we have pretty much worked on every system on the market. So not only do our engineers have a good understanding of the system you will have installed. More than likely they will know the problem straight away when turning up at your house. This is good for you because our guys will be in and out of your place before you know it and the problem shall be rectified.

Most common problems with air conditioning systems are related to the fan, this is a part that normally needs looking at during break downs and if you are having issues with the fan it will cause the compressor to overheat and in most cases trip the safety overload. In the very worst case scenario the compressor might also get damaged which could lead to a pricy repair.

If you notice the air conditioning system not working it really is in ones best interest to call up straight away and get it looked at. The longer you delay the more damage might be done to the system. We focus on trying to get the system fixed at the cheapest cost to you the client.

Common problems we sometimes find.
  • The coil will be frozen and the common cause will be old and dirty air filters or blocked up air ducts due to dust and dirt. These are very easy problems to avoid with the correct maintenance.
  • Non-functioning outside fan, if it’s not addressed quickly more expensive problems will ensue.
  • Unit not working, broken thermostat or tripped fuse might well be the cause.
  • Having hardly any refrigerant, this cools down the air and if you have low levels you could be looking at leaks. Easy problem to fix once found but it will require a fresh top up.
  • Dodgy wiring, if your system was installed by an amateur then I guarantee the wiring will be a major hazard. Not only will it be tripping fusses all the time but you will be facing a potential fire hazard that not only endangers you but your family.

So as you can see it’s amazing the little things that can cause air conditioning issues to occur, don’t be leaving it until it’s so late, schedule a maintenance for one of our engineers to come out look the system over and give it the tick of safety.

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“Saul the AC guy that came out to fix my system did a real great job, not only was he fast to fix it but really friendly”


“They promised to be at my place within 60 minutes and arrived in 45, I was very impressed considering I just made the call to them. They fixed my leaking air conditioning unit saving any damage to my building.”

Robert Whitby

“I was promised great service on the phone and that’s what I received, thanks for installing my new system it works a treat.”

Kylie Ellis

“The last time I had my air conditioning system serviced was years ago so it was long overdue, Air Conditioning Calabasas did a stand up job of making sure it was blowing clean air and not running at a loss.”

H. Tiddwell